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Antonio Altamirano

Antonio Altamirano


Antonio Altamirano is Interesante's CEO and co-founder. For over twelve years, Antonio has managed engineering, product and marketing teams at Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups,. Prior to Interesante, he worked at Accenture where he set up the search marketing and social media programs worldwide. Antonio also held senior positions at SearchRev (Acquired by AKQA) and Sun Microsystems and other technology startups.

Rebecca Altamirano

Rebecca Altamirano


Rebecca Padnos Altamirano is Interesante's co-founder. Rebecca is a social entrepreneur, educator and author. She was part of the founding team at Stanford Schools Corporation where she built academic programs, partnerships and was in charge of fundraising. Rebecca has also worked for over four years in product development for technology startups helping launch mobile applications in the health and entertainment fields. Rebecca earned a graduate degree from the Stanford School of Education and graduated from Wellesley College where she earned her BA majoring in English and Psychology.

Leandro Henflen

Leandro Henflen


Leandro is Interesante's Chief Product Officer and co-founder. He has over twelve years of experience working on web technologies and has designed applications for human rights organizations, government agencies and retailers. Always moved by passion, curiosity and the spirit to change and evolve, Leandro strives to design websites with the human user in mind. He has a deep interest and knowledge in human-computer interaction and its application to UX/UI design.

Pablo Gamba

Pablo Gamba


Pablo Gamba is Interesante's Chief Technology Officer and co-founder. Pablo has over ten years of experience as a software developer with an emphasis in process efficiency and team management. Pablo is highly skilled in many programming languages related to web and mobile applications . He also specializes in software architecture and incipient technologies. In his spare time, he reviews students’ final thesis for the software engineering department at FASTA University in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Claudio Cossio

Carolina Altamirano

VP, Marketing

Carolina is our youngest co-founder and Interesante Marketing Director. She is a scientist and an adventurer that has brought to Interesante the rigor of the scientific research to organize our marketing team in an efficient way. Carolina earned a graduate degree in Conservation Biology and for many years conducted botanical research in the Amazon Jungle of Ecuador. As a college student she raised funding and managed to participate in several climbing expeditions abroad.

Claudio Cossio

Claudio Cossio

VP, Business Development

Claudio is Interesante's VP of Marketing. He has worked at Sun Microsystems and has been a BlueBox Ventures Mentor and AppCircus organizer. He is a speaker and blogger with over ten years of experience marketing tech startups. Author of Guia Startup e-book.


Arturo Duran

Chief Innovation Officer, Digital First Media

John Bara

CMO at ThisMoment, Inc.

Peter Ziebelman

Partner at Palo Alto Ventures
Stanford Business School Professor

Buddy Arnheim

Partner at Perkins Coie